Prior Investments

The following are selected investments that partners participated in prior to Alta:
biossman Biossmann, a healthcare company, provides integrated anesthesia services and equipment to Mexican hospitals.
arg ARG is a leasing company that offers value-added services primarily for motorized vehicles and transportation equipment to Mexican clients.
absormex Absormex is a disposable diaper producer in Monterrey,
finaccess Finaccess is one of the largest independent mutual fund
manager in Mexico, and one with the highest growth
home-mart Home Mart is a home improvement retailer based in
intelsat Intelsat is a leading provider of fixed satellites services
la-loma La Loma is among the leading providers of ice cream mix for parlors and dairy products for pastry shops in Mexico.
lovesac Love Sac a retail and lifestyle brand focused on selling
furniture combined with fashion.
mastersaf Mastersaf is a paging operator in Brazil controlled by
Portugal Telecom.
mexgal MEXGAL is a container terminal operator in the Mexican Gulf port of Altamira.
monroe Drogueria Monroe is a pharmaceutical distribution
Company in Argentina.
estrella Quimica Estrella is a diversified consumer products
company listed on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange.
bun_min1 Bunker’s Group ( is the leading marine fuel distributor in Mexico since 1993 and the first to be privately owned.